Bára Prášilová

For the last decade and a half, Prague-based photographer and visual artist Bára Prášilová has assembled an impressive portfolio drenched in hysterical humour, and breathtaking beauty, and possessed perfection. When looking at her retouched and orchestrated pictures, it’s obvious that nothing has been left to chance. Prášilová’s images balance on the edge of reality and fiction by using real props and objects, which lend her subjects a rare authenticity. Her detailed sketches, custom-made props and costumes are usually also part of her exhibitions.

Including a Hasselblad Masters Award in 2014, she has been a recipient of Photographer of the Year 2009 and 2011 by Czech Grand Design. Prášilová has collaborated with clients such as Ikea, Hasselblad, The Czech National Theatre and Newsweek magazine. 

Solo exhibitions include Deák 17 Gallery, Budapest, 2020, Galerie Claude Samuel, Paris, 2017, Instituto de Producao Cultural e Imagem, Porto, 2017.