Christian Houge

Man vs Nature - The Norwegian photographer Christian Houge has for more than twenty years been exploring the relationship and conflict between humankind and nature. His dramatic images, especially them depicting burning taxidermy animals, often provokes a strong emotional response, triggering an immediate reaction from the viewer. Houge regularly leaves his comfort zone, inviting the viewers to leave their own and join him on his journey, to try and see things from another perspective. Wherever in the world Houge works, you can still see traces of his fascination for Norwegian myths and folklore permeating his images. Houge’s photographs are meant to stimulate a dialogue and curiosity on the way we live our lives.

Selected exhibitions: California Museum of Photography (2021), Buer Gallery. Oslo (2020), Fotografiska, Stockholm (2019), Auction, Paris (2016), Three Shadows Photography Art Center, Beijing (2015), The El Paso Museum of Art (2014). Selected Awards: Nominated for the Prix Pictet Award (2009 and 2013), Nominated for the BMW Awards with Paris Photo (2005), Nominated for the Leica Oscar Barnack Award (2021)

Age: 50 Based: Oslo, Norway

Series: Shadow WithinOkurimonoResidence of ImpermanenceChristian Houge NFT drop