Christian Houge - Residence of Impermanence

In his series Residence of Impermanence, Christian Houge explores our relationship to animals, fire and nature. Houge sets old trophy animals on fire, and the flames give each animal a last breath of life as it creates a new portrait. The animal is set free again, ending a symbolic circle of life. A closure, if you will, both physically and existentially. The English-inspired wallpapers represent imperialism and a colonial idea from when we were obsessed with conquering Nature and other lands. These too are burned with the animals symbolizing a protest toward our autocracy towards Nature itself. The mission is to spark a dialogue on our relationship to nature and, ultimately, to ourselves. 
Through the element of fire, Houge has found a way to express himself in totemic ritualistic performance by burning decaying trophy animals.

“The element of fire is very symbolic. It represents both destruction and creation. Animals and fire have, in many ways, formed our culture since the dawn of Mankind. They have also served as essential symbols in myth, spirituality, art and religion”, says Houge.