Trine Søndergaard

Between the planned and the accidental - Danish visual artist Trine Søndergaard started out studying drawing and painting in Aalborg and Copenhagen, now using photography as an artistic tool, investigating the medium of photography itself, its boundaries and what constitutes an image.

Søndergaard’s photography is grounded in an objective and documentary attitude, heightened through both reduction and poetic narratives. A central theme in Trine Søndergaard’s oeuvre is vision and the gaze. She utilizes circular visual poetics, in which motifs and phrases from earlier works create meaningful connections. This takes place in a spirit of both playfulness and contemplation, in a balance between the spontaneous and the precise, the planned and the accidental.

Selected exhibitions: Fotografisk Center, Copenhagen (2022), Gothenburg Museum of Art (2020), Scad Fashion Museum, Atlanta (2019), Bruce Silverstein Gallery, New York (2018).

Age: 50
Based: Copenhagen, Denmark