Sofie Bird Møller

Flow of images - Danish-born and Berlin-based photographer Sofie Bird Møller has made a name
of herself with the work of thrown-away materials like fashion ads, photos, old prints, billboards and similar. Bird Møller's work explores the imminent flow of images from mass media and artistic intervention. Pages are torn out from well-known fashion magazines and painted over with both precision and decided violence, so the motif appears as an abstract form. The reshaped works and painted shapes partly obscure what lie underneath, and anthropomorphic figures are suggested through thick, lush brushstrokes – replacing the extensively photoshopped and manipulated bodies in the original image.

The organic waves of color demand that the viewer behold the artwork for a few seconds or minutes longer than usual. With this technique, Bird Møller seeks to “prolong” our gaze, and through this practice, she both questions and undermines the body ideals and the found images.

Selected exhibitions: Jancar Gallery, Los Angeles (2016), Martin Asbaek Gallery, Copenhagen (2020), Galerie Reinhard Hauff, Stuttgart (2017)

Age: 48
Based: Berlin.