Frederik Lieberath Untitled #1 “Formalinné”

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The Formalinné series comes from an assignment given to me in the early nineties. It bears the characteristics and style of the era and the majority of my assignments at the time. Objects against a clean white background. It was straight photography and before the onset of digital manipulation. With the tools at hand, light, and film -the largest format available, the goal was oftentimes to give the images the clarity and the heroic representation that would lead customers to buy into whatever product was in front of the lens. An almost scientific approach. But this time it was different. In front of the camera were placed dead animals more than 150 years old immersed in poisonous formaldehyde. Hardly a desirable object. Shot on location in Uppsala, in a museum closed off for summer, I found a veritable goldmine of exotic animals, many of them collected by risk-taking Swedish explorers in faraway places on behalf of Carl von Linné. - Frederik Lieberath


The poster is printed on Galerie Art Matt, 200g, a high-coated matt paper with non-reflective surface and optimal image reproduction, with FSC-certification.

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