Lennart Nilsson A swirl of hair on the forehead “A child is born”, 1965/2011

Capturing that most universal of subjects, our own creation, Lennart Nilsson's images of pre-natal life ranks among the 20th century’s greatest photographs, as emotive as it was technically impressive, even by today’s standards. The series “A child is born” lets us see and discover what has before never been possible, the birth of a human being.
Nilsson’s pictures remind us we are born from a common process, we all embody the outcome of the same interior encounter and we all share the same emotions that drive us to seek or offer the protection of the parent.
Since Nilsson’s pioneering accomplishments, no later photographs have possessed the same qualities. Techniques have advanced. The scanned imagery of the human embryo is getting
sharper. Colour can be digitally imposed. We have entered the age of three-dimensional imagery that exists on a computer screen. But Nilsson’s work has a unique ingredient: it is accessible to the mother and the child alike. This work is clearly of a particular time, but like great art the pictures resonate beyond their time.
These are the images Lennart Nilsson chose as his own legacy, the ones he wanted to be remembered for.

The photograph is available in the following size and editions:

45 x 45 cm / 17,5 x 17,5 inch
Silver gelatin print
Edition of 10

The photograph is signed by Lennart Nilsson, titled, and dated on the verso of the print. A certificate of authenticity will accompany the print.

Price on request.

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