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Brandon Westgate - Ollie fakie - California, 2015

"I had to wait about 3 years to finally get to that place, lost in the hills in California, 3 hours north of Los Angeles. This is a modern aqueduct, built to carry water across a little valley, as part of a drainage system, downstream of a dam. I knew this place could be visually striking, by going at the right time with the right conditions. I spent some time researching and talking with people. It also needed to be dry and clean of course. The amount of important factors was high, and finally, I only had a window of a few hours to go there with some skateboarders, on a single day in August 2015. I kept my fingers crossed for hours until we got there. And it was just as good as can be like I needed it. The shadows were just perfect, and the sun was in the right position. I couldn’t have dreamt of a better scenario. But indeed, I got to go back on 2 different occasions a few years later, at different periods of the year, and it wasn’t as good at all. To the point that I did not even shoot pictures. The first time was the right time." - Fred Mortagne

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