Fred Mortagne UNTITLED

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Madars Apse - Switch kickflip - Long Beach, California

"Location scouting is a big part of my life, weither it is for skate or photo spots. I mean,  skateboarders are on a constant look for things to skate, even when they are not skateboarding. The perfect (concrete) wave might be just around the corner. Exploring is always a key part in what I do. I can spend some time doing it. This location was in Long Beach, California. I think the architecture in front of that random store caught my eye, but it was visually too busy. I’m always on a hunt for minimalistic moods, deprived from any sort of visual pollution. So I went around and found this surreal backdrop. All I had to do then was to come back with the right skateboarder. In that case, it was Madars Apse from Latvia. One of the funniest skateboarders I met." - Fred Mortagne
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