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Nick Garcia - Shiffty Ollie - San Pedro, California, 2015

"For a project commissioned by Leica Camera, I flew to Los Angeles to shoot with skateboarders. I was so excited about shooting again in L.A that as soon as my flight from France landed, I rented a car and drove right away to the San Pedro skatepark, to meet up with skateboarder Nick Garcia. On my way there, I spotted this pedestrian bridge over the road. When we got there, luckily the sun was perfectly aligned. Like for many of my pictures, the trick performed is rather anecdotic. This was the first day I was using that new camera system, the Leica SL. But a few minutes after I shot this image, a suspicious man approached us. We skateboarders have a sixth sense of danger, and we rapidly vanished right after he started talking to us. His first words reinforced our feeling. I think I could have gotten robbed that day with that brand-new camera." - Fred Mortagne

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Black & White
Limited Edition
Archival Pigment Print