Lennart Nilsson The Winning Sperm, 1990 “A child is born”

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Approximately one million sperm make it to the uterus. And in the end, just one sperm finally penetrates and fertilizes the egg. Thanks to Lennart Nilsson’s groundbreaking medical photography and the series A child is born, we can experience the exact moment of the beginning of a new life. 
In 1978, the first successful IVF treatment was implemented, making the documentation of the first stage of life possible. Some of the esthetical appeals in these images can be contributed to Nilsson’s collaborator Gillis Häägg, who developed technology with black and white tone separation which he converted into colors.

The poster is printed on Galerie Art Matt, 200g, a high-coated matt paper with non-reflective surface and optimal image reproduction, with FSC-certification.

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