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Lennart Nilsson Surtsey seen through a drop of water, 1966 “Nature´s Amazine Lenses”

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When Life Magazine celebrated its 30th anniversary in 1966, they wanted to show a picture from the beginning of creation – “the first picture in history”. An impossible assignment, of course, but Lennart Nilsson used his creativity and imagination to capture his vision of the planet's creation. The island Surtsey had suddenly appeared out of the ocean, south of Island, just three years earlier. Here, just a few meters from the boiling hot lava stream, Nilsson managed to capture the genesis of Planet Earth by photographing a volcano in a drop of water on glass plate in front of his camera. 

The poster is printed on Galerie Art Matt, 200g, a high-coated matt paper with non-reflective surface and optimal image reproduction, with FSC-certification.

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