Rankin Fifi Plastic Rainbow-tatsic, 2018

Taking technicolour beauty to the extreme, Plastic Rainbow-Tastic showcases Marco Antonio's love for colour, and is one of Rankin's favourite collaborations. Playing on Marco's beauty perfectionism, here they disrupt the clean lines of beauty photography, learning into smudges and smears caused by living a life in plastic. 

The photograph is available in the following size and edition:

50,8 x 60,96 cm / 20 x 24 inch 
Colour C-Type Lambda
Edition of 5

91,44 x 191,92 cm / 36 x 48 inch 
Colour C-Type Lambda
Edition of 5

A certificate of authenticity will accompany the art work.

The artist’s work starts at €5970, excl. VAT.

Rankin, Fifi Plastic Rainbow-tatsic Hunger TV 2018

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