Rankin Kate Moss “Eyescape” 2012

Fascinated by eyes throughout his career, Rankin’s Eyescape series has seen him photograph in extreme close-up and intimate detail the irises of models and celebrities, including Kate Moss for the auction house Christie’s in 2012. A deeply personal take on the notion of portraiture, this series exposes the eyes as the central point for expression.

"Every slight change in the eyes makes all the difference between moods and nuances". - Rankin, 2011

The photograph is available in the following size and edition:

121,92 x 121,92 cm / 48 x 48 inch 
Colour C-Type Lambda
Edition of 5

A certificate of authenticity will accompany the art work.

The artist’s work starts at €10 750, excl. VAT.

Rankin, Kate Moss “Eyescape” 2012

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