Hans Strand Colors of Poison 26

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In the helicopter, hanging over these manmade and sometimes completely destroyed landscapes and polluted waters, I found myself completely absorbed by the foot prints we have left behind us. Man´s deeds of creations and destructions hit me like gun shots. Even though the farming is what we consider sustainable, how can we allow the landscape to be completely consumed and leaving no room for other plants than the ones used for farming? How can it be possible for a mining company to destroy such an enormous land area and pollute its water without being stopped? I I don´t have a clue? In both cases, the results are what I observe with my camera from above. Simply non-erasable manmade foot prints. - Hans Strand

The poster is printed on Galerie Art Matt, 200g, a high-coated matt paper with non-reflective surface and optimal image reproduction, with FSC-certification.

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