Rankin Arnold Schwarzenegger, 2001

"When you look at an image of someone you want to see that glint in their eye - you want to feel a connection with them. Every photo tells the story of how the shoot went, the atmosphere in the room and how the model felt, so it’s my responsibility as a photographer to make sure everyone is having a nice time in front of the camera." - Rankin

Photographed by Rankin in 2001, this image of Arnold Schwarzenegger was taken on the back of a commercial shoot between the actor and Rankin for energy brand Eon. 

The photograph is available in the following size and edition:

50,8 x 60,96 cm / 20 x 24 inch 
Black & White Resin Lambda
Edition of 5

A certificate of authenticity will accompany the art work.

The artist’s work starts at €9560, excl. VAT.

Rankin, Arnold Schwarzenegger Close But No Cigar 2001

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