Kim Joon

The South Korean photographer and artist Kim Joon has made a name for himself through his eloquently pieced-together composite photography, not seldom inspired by tattoo culture. Kim Joon sees tattooing as a manifestation of the conflicting forces of all identity formation, as well as taboo, image obsession, spirituality, and body standards.

Joon digitally applies tattoos to his photography subjects, coming in the forms of intricate patterns, ancient designs, or corporate logos and iconic works of modern art. Other famous works by Kim are digitally fabricated images of porcelain body sculptures

International solo exhibitions include "KIM JOON" at Musee Magnelli in Vallauris, France, "KIM JOON-CRASHING" at Waterfall Gallery in NY, USA, "fragile" at Canvas International Art in Amsterdam, Netherlands, and "Bird Land" at Sabina Lee Gallery in LA, USA, among many others.

Age: 56

Based: Seoul