Nicolai Howalt

Concrete questions, abstract answers - Through photography, Danish artist Nicolai Howalt explores subjects like time, light, the concepts of life and becoming, materiality and immateriality. His photographic work spans documentary, conceptual and installation art, but with a prevalent interest in duality, connections and relationships as well as complex existential questions. In his investigation of these questions, Howalt uses a photographic process through which the concrete method often results in abstract answers.

With a particular interest in science, Howalt uses contradictions to find balance, and his artwork is based on what comes from nature but is transformed by man.

Selected exhibitions: Museum für Photographie, Braunschweig (2015), Bruce Silverstein Gallery, New York (2009), Gallerie Poller, New York (2006). Selected books: Old Tjikko (2019), Element (2016)

Age: 51
Based: Copenhagen, Denmark