Bernhard Lang

German photographer Bernhard Lang has worked as a freelance photographer for international agencies, galleries, clients and magazines since the turn of the millennium, but his unique photographic style took flight later. After peeking out of an aeroplane window on his way to Tokyo, Lang thought the patterns in the landscape below him looked like paintings. In 2010 he started working on his project ”Aerial Views”, where he captured aerial landscapes out of open doors of helicopters or smaller aeroplanes.

To this day, Lang travels the world looking for landscapes and patterns which visibly have been altered by man. One important message of Lang’s photography is to convey man’s impact on nature, which is more apparent from the sky.

Lang has been awarded an International Photography Awards for his series ‘Mar del Plastico', as well as the Sony World Photography Awards for his series ‘Adria’. Solo exhibitions include ”Lucie Foundation at C40 Mayors Summit” in Mexico City, Mexico, ”Aerial Views Adria” at Getty Images Gallery, London, UK among others.