Mia Green

Mia Green (1875-1949) was a Swedish war correspondent and one of the world's first female war photographers, documenting a part of Europe's history between 1915 and 1918. During that period, 75,000 Russian, German, and Austro-Hungarian war invalids were exchanged at the small border town of Haparanda, Sweden, where Mia Green was working as a photographer. Green's photographs depict the survivors of World War I, soldiers who had lost limbs or eyesight and had been brought to Haparanda to be cared for.

Green was born in Norrtälje, but grew up in poverty in Skellefteå and had a difficult upbringing.  She eventually found her way into the field of photography - one of the few professions open to both men and women in the late 1800s. She became a successful photographer and was known for her social engagement, hiring only female assistants and advocating for the welfare of the poor and elderly. Green's photographs of war survivors are a powerful record of a little-known part of European history.