Leila Jeffreys

Australian photographer and videographer Leila Jeffreys, born in 1972 in Papua New Guinea, saw her career take flight when she started documenting birds. For 15 years, Jeffreys has been working alongside conservationists, ornithologists, and bird sanctuaries to extract exotic birds of all shapes and sizes from their natural habitat to photograph them in a studio setting, with the highest degree of technical skill.

Jeffreys’ work is also intertwined with her strong beliefs as an environmentalist, and her fine-tuned skills of humanizing the wild creatures quickly evokes feelings of empathy when looking at her photographs. 

With over a decade of exhibition experience, some of the most prominent solo shows have taken place at Olsen Irwin Gallery (now Olsen Gallery), Sydney, Purdy Hicks Gallery, London, Olsen Gruin, New York. Jeffreys’ work is also held in major Australian and international collections including Artbank Sydney, the Macquarie Bank Group Collection, Western Australian Museum, Hermès Collection of Contemporary Photographs, Western Plains Cultural Centre, and the Museum of Photography in Seoul.

Jeffreys has also published two books, Birdland and Des Oiseaux, released in 2015 and 2020 respectively.