Karolina Henke

Karolina Henke is a Stockholm-based photographer with a long and broad career, primarily working with well renowned cultural institutions as well as her own art projects.

Henke’s interest in photography started when she was given a camera for her 18th birthday. Eventually, Henke moved to New York to work in the art world with world-renowned photographer and artist, Andres Serrano and the Paula Cooper Gallery. She has worked with clients such as Ikea and UNICEF, alongside arts and cultural institutions like Circus Cirkör, The Royal Swedish Opera, and The Royal Dramatic Theater. Henke’s childhood summers in her grandmother’s garden, books by Elsa Beskow, and thoughts about sustainability and the environment inspired her exhibition Back to Nature, which presents children in forest surroundings. All costumes in the exhibition are made by Henke, as she usually works from her Stockholm studio where she creates her images in a collage technique, and the sewing machine is almost as important as the camera.

Selected editorial clients and Wallpaper, Harper’s Bazaar and L´Officiel, and selected commercial clients: IKEA, Childhood, H&M, Lindex, Ericsson, Nokia, Saab, Peugeot, Marks and Spencer.