Åsa Sjöström

Åsa Sjöström was born in 1976 in Gothenburg, Sweden. She took an interest in photography at age 16 and later attended the Nordic School of Photojournalism, graduating in 2002. She took positions as staff photographer at the daily newspapers DN and Sydsvenskan between 2004-2013, and has worked as a freelance photographer ever since.

The focus of her work is firmly fixed on international understanding, equal rights, and the situation of women and children around the world.

She has won many grants and prestigious awards, including being awarded twice in World Press Photo and several times for the Swedish Picture of the Year Award. Åsa has also received honourable mentions in the Unicef Picture of the year Award and Swedish Red Cross Journalism Award.

Åsa’s published books include Silent Land and Jag är barn (I am a child) both from 2017, and Sommarens skiraste ljus in 2014. Her first documentary film was broadcast by SVT Dox in March 2020. Her photography has appeared in titles such as the New York Times Magazine, Le Monde, Essity, Fotografiska, Expressen, alongside various commissions for municipalities, NGOs, commercial and portrait assignments. Åsa says, “I want to create awareness and show the strength among people that are exposed to vulnerable situations.”