Massimo Leardini

Nordic light, the Italian way -  Norwegian-based Italian photographer Massimo Leardini works in a classical tradition, capturing the human body entwined with the timeless Scandinavian landscape. It is easy to trace roots back to both Italian and Scandinavian painters and photographers, but with an unmistakable contemporary twist. Inspired by the Italian masters, Leardini effect fully uses the special Nordic light that lengthens the shadows due to the obliqueness with which the sun reaches this part of the world. This causes the light to draw the silhouettes of the subjects on the background with high but delicate contrast.

Leonardi’s photography is often set in timeless landscapes, creating a feeling of melancholy and nostalgia. Selected books: Catarsi (2015), Primitive (2016), In between (2017), Iselin
(2019), Elv (2020).

Selected Commercial clients: Red Cross, Coca-Cola, Ikea, SAS, Volvo.

Age: 63
Based: Oslo, Norway