Joris Graaf

Self-taught Dutch painter and photo artist Joris Graaf is always looking to make opposites clash in his art. How can order and chaos, warm and cold, and growth and decay work together?

Being self-taught and lacking photography education, one can truly assume that his complex art is completely intuitive and emotional, free from the laws and rules taught at Photography schools over the world. Graaf also describes his art as free from any kind of story-telling, the mission is to make the viewer feel something in his created atmosphere. 

Solo exhibitions have been held at Calisto Cafe’, Vailate, Italy, in 2018, as well as at Staven 35, Lübeck, Germany, also in 2018.

Publications and features include Creativpaper, Vol 002, Issue 012, 2018, New Photography 2019, xpublishers, Amsterdam, 2018, Wotisart Magazine, 2018, among others.